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The Trials and Tribulations of an Irredeemable Bookworm

Something wicked this way comes...

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In the area where dark and light
intricately intertwine, one may find
The Penumbra

Description: sarcastic, shy, talkative, friendly, proud, hot-tempered, calm, creative, obsessively neat, a slob, and a perfectionist. In short, plain weird.

Likes: Reading. Writing. Imagining things. A variety of animes, mainly Saiyuki and Full Metal Alchemist. Drawing and craftswork. The HP fandom. Learning languages.

Pet hates: hypocrisy, cockroaches, the new language 'Maltese-English', soap operas.

Lives: In my fantasy world. Really? In my room. Most of the time.

Wants to: Go absailing. Become a writer. Learn how to draw well. Travel abroad. Stop the destruction of 'green' Malta. Eliminate cockroaches from planet Earth. Go to the moon. Be acknowledged for what I am.

Feel free to friend me. If you'll let me know, I can friend you back :)